Czecho Slovakia’s Got Talent

TV shows definitely are one of our most important LED installations in the past. These are probably the most stressing installations in the LED industry. Clearly, I remember fixing LED strips the whole night in the very first scene we did for Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent. The hard work followed till 8 am.

This show was running for one month and the LED strips were so bad, that we had to fix them almost every day for the month. Anyway, it was not worthless. During the process we have successfully developed our brand new Pro LED strips. Although, the prize goes a little bit higher, quality equally rises. That basically means you are spared from lots of trouble in duration of any show you want to unleash.

Here is another video from the show:

Later on, after we collected those experiences (one by one) during many unique LED installations for different TV shows, it LED our company to utterly new level of mastery in this sector. For the sake of that are our LED controllers made for shows with the huge number of LEDs and built to control with ease on purpose. Of course, we will teach the beginners up to 2 hours of working with the LED Strip Studio software, which counts as a strong advantage of it.

LED Strip Studio software offers you a simplified usage of Full HD footages and custom effects according to producer’s requests only in a couple of minutes. We strongly recommend for full synchronization to operate with Time code and bar flare connection, which is able to set all effects up, separately, for buttons and sliders.

Besides other advantages, LED Strip Studio software has become the great instrument for visualization of complete installations. Each one of them is able to change for real installation. This means that even if you are not sitting in a studio right now, you can still see how it will look on stage. For another options how to work with our software, please contact us or arrange a call with us. We will be happy to help you!

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