Custom LED Banner for Expo Event

Unfinished banner with LED strips attached to a hardboard without the diffusing grahic over it. A color test pattern is running on strips.

Custom LED banner in numbers

To control all 70+ segments on 4 boards, we used 2x LED Ethernet Controller 3.


Due to the number of pixels, we used the Pro Version with 4096 avaliable RGB pixels from 4 outputs. 


To our surprise, the two boards were not identical. We had to be extra careful, because in case of error the printed graphic won’t correctly cover the strips. 


Each board needed two 200W power sources. 

Mapping and effects

As mentioned before, this was pretty complicated mapping. Luckily, in LED Strip Studio software you can upload an image and use it as canvas to draw your segments. 


Since you have 4 available outputs, you have to organize segments into Groups. A group is basically an Output. Once you reach the limit of single output, you start to organize segments into second group, and so on. 


It helps greatly during the mapping to have the object in front of you. You can doublecheck the signal flow and control if every diode is working properly. 

Invereted colors background image with drawn segments, a list of Strips, List of controllers and a Groups made of individual segments.

We created several effects in case the client will decide on site what they like most 🙂 

Led Strip Studio logo

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