Creative Doorbell using Addressable Light

Light Doorbell

Creative #doorbell using #addressable #pixel #LEDstrips like #ws2811 or #tm1803 and our #SPILED controller. Allows you to play different animation when your beautiful trigger #button is down 😏. It's practical especially for home and museum installations. You can of course replace the button with e.g. proximity sensor. Really creative potential. Find out more info at

Posted by LED Strip Studio on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Addressable LED strips can be used for different kind of creative ideas. The last feature we’ve added to our small SPI LED controller allows you to create e.g. light doorbell.

We’ve used doorbell as an example. But it can be easily used for museum installations, creative building entrance or some special exhibition booths.

Animation play modes

The new firmware of our SPI LED device allows you to set the animation to play, once the button is down. And it can do that in different modes:

  • On hold – the animation is played only while the button is down
  • Play once – the animation is played till the end after the button is down.

The on hold mode is practical for our doorbell example. But the Play once mode allows you to play the entire animation once the button is pressed. It can be practical e.g. for exhibitions or building entrance.


In our examples we use button as a trigger. But it’s not a problem to use e.g. proximity sensor to start the animation. This allows you to trigger certain animation e.g. when the person enters the area or doors. This could be used e.g. for amazing building entrance, when animation is played every time some person comes in.

There is also neat feature – you can use multiple triggers. You can use e.g. two buttons of the controller and every one of these buttons will trigger a different animation.

Pixel LED strips support

Of course you can use SPI LED controller using WS2811, WS2812, TM1803, WS2815 and many other types of pixel LED strips.

The new version of SPI LED controller is now even more powerful and ready to be used for your creative ideas. We look forward to your next crazy installations using addressable LED pixels.

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