How to control analog LED strip?

You can buy LED light in any shape or color. Similar applies to available options of how to control analog LED strip. As with every project, it all depends on few key factors. Different types has different advantages, therefore what suits one won’t work for other.

Simplest way how to control analog LED strip is to plug it directly to power source and light it up in desired color. This is an option for very basic installations, for example, if you want to have additional light in your kitchen or living room


Control analog LED strip by wires

With color strip  you can connect various wires from the strip to power source and therefore change the color. There are however limitations, as you can get only 7 colors out of your strip this way. Three basic colors are RED, GREEN, BLUE and additional four – CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and WHITE.

Connecting by hand wires to source to get sever different colors to control analog LED strip
Connecting analog strip directly with wires to power source

Remote controller

If you are not that skilled or ready to start to play with wires, you have a third option. For home usage and amateur purposes, you can buy a remote controller which can change the intensity of each color and therefore mix your desired shade. As mentioned, great to set intimate atmosphere for your third date or cozy lighting for your favorite TV show.

Remote controller for control of different analog LED strip
Easy to operate and good for home usage such as living room

What applies for your attempt to score a third base does not, however, for the big TV show installation. To strengthen the experience of the perfect-pitch singer nailing George Michael’s “Last Christmas” in X-Factor, we use more advanced controllers.

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