How to control analog LED with DMX?

Today we would like to tell you how to control analog LED with DMX. Analog LED strips are a good source of single color light for many projects. The variety of use is very, very large. We also use them to light up stages and studios in TV and showbusiness industry. Conventional types of control such as remote control are not very convenient. As mentioned previously, for more complex installations we use a pretty old, yet very practical protocol called DMX.

Most of the intelligent lighting is controlled by DMX. This includes moving heads, LED scanners. Technicians also control analog LED with DMX. However, it’s just a messenger. The source of the signal is either DMX console or software. Bits of signal is send to what’s called LED dimmer. This is the final recipient of the message, that can translate it to LED strip.

LED Dimmers

Dimmer has a crucial part in the process. It does not only translates what color should the strip light in but also how bright it should shine. Device itself varies in size, shape and tasks it can perform. From simple boxes that needs additional power source, to professional solutions that are suitable for rental purposes. We developed one such device called Mr.Dimmer which can control 4 individual analog LED strips up to 52m of lenght and has integrated 320W power source!

Very small devices that can be easily hidden and do not require that much capacity are very useful in smaller installations. Just check for comparasion our Small dimmer vs. Mr.Dimmer! 

Dimmers can also have integrated receivers to work wirelesslyTron dance dimmer was especially developed for dance performances that are synchronized with music and is a part of the suit dancers are wearing during the performance.

Small portable dimmer with antenna for receiving wireless signal from computer used to control analog LED with DMX.
Wirelless Tron Dance Dimmer – used for Tron dance performaces.

DMX signal sources

Both consoles and software however rely on the dimmer’s ability to control individual LED strips. Consoles are large tables full of buttons and knobs and who-know-whats. Lighting and sound technicians use them for events such as concerts or in TV studios to control big number of devices.

Many types of DMX pults used to control analog LED with DMX
DMX consoles comes in many shapes and sizes. They are all source of DMX signal for intelligent stage lighting.

On the other hand, software can work better in synchronization with the music. This is especially useful for dance performers wearing LED dance costumes.  With software such as LED Strip Studio can synchronize their choreography with music and complex light animations.

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