Control 100000 RGB LED pixels

In the latest version of LED Strip Studio we focused on improving the performance of the graphical user interface. Most of the changes are “under the hood”. But they really improve the user experience of the software.

Mapping Editor

The mapping editor in previous version couldn’t handle more than about 50000 LED pixels. It was still possible to work with it, but it was far from a good experience. The new editor is finally using graphic card acceleration using standard DirectX platform, which is used e.g. for games. That allows us to render the LED segments fluently without compromising the performance of your Windows.

Mapping editor
New mapping editor is using hardware GPU acceleration

Video Scene Editor

The same graphic card acceleration is also used in Video Scene editor and also in Strip Scene editor. Now working in both editors is more pleasant than ever. No more glitches or slow reactions to your mouse movements. Everything is calculated by graphic card, which is build to handle a lot of points and segments.

Video scene editor
Video scene editor is now using hardware acceleration of graphic card

Segment Connections

This is a small feature, but very practical again. Now you can see the thin gray line between the LED segments you draw in the mapping. This gives you a better overview of how the LED segments are connected in the mapping.

Line segment between LEDs
Thin gray line shows the connection between two LED segments

Grid for move and resize

In the previous version the grid was used only for point editor. Now the grid is applied also on resize and move operations for entire segments.

Resize operation
Grid is now applied on resize operation as well

100000 and more LEDs

The new version of LED Strip Studio helps you a lot especially for large installations for e.g. buildings. The performance is again improved and the user experience using the software is again one step forward. So go ahead, download the new version and make us proud with your LED installations 🙂 !

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