From Client – Congress hall Renovation, Bad Ischl

One of our longtime partner from Germany sent us these amazing pics and videos of the project he recently finished in town of Bad Ischl, Austria. As part of the European Capital of Culture project they rebuilt a local Congress hall. And what a feast for your eyes it is now!

Two large "windows"

We like how the LED strips are hidde and not visible at first sight. This is a nice inspiration for such venues where you can reveal the location of something new and it does not have to shout “hey, look at me”! 

The size of each “window” is 31.7 x 1.25 meters. Both have a stunning number of  38 000 pixels together. Controlled via DMX the total number of controllers used is 20 SPI Matrix devices. 

Color effects & power consumption

As you can see on the videos, the two windows can be used to show any text, video or ambient color effect. Thanks to a DMX capabilities, you can use any 3rd party software to incorporate this in multimedia installations and projects. 


In addition, you can also render white ambient lights in a range from 3000K to 6000K. That you can also control with DMX. 


Since this is no small project, it won’t be any surprise that it took 3 people 6 weeks to build. The power consumption of all of the controllers and power sources needed is 20K W. Talk about low consumption diodes, right? 🙂 

Stefan from Systemplan, GmbH shared with us that to build this, 3 people worked for 6 weeks. But the result definitely speeks for itself. Hats off for the nice project done. Looking forward to a new one. If you are looking for inspiration, let us know at [email protected] 

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