Compact LED controller – SPI LED Controller

Big does not always mean better. Without the need to dive deeper into this old yet most valuable saying, we do understand that not everyone is building a project with thousands of LEDs. Compact LED controller is thus a good choice for those that are working on a smaller scale installation.

SPI LED controller from front side
Front view of SPI LED Controller
SPI LED controller top side with 2 control buttons, SD-Card slot, DMX in/out and spi connector for LED strips
Top view

Although small, it is very powerful piece of equipment. It’s a complete digital LED controller for up to 1024 individual RGB LED pixels (or 768 RGBW LEDs). It’s small size allows you to place it basically everywhere, thus it’s great option to be used even for LED dance costumes or moving decorations. We consider it as a good starting point for beginners that want to learn how to use our LED Strip Studio software. Professionals on the other hand will appreciate it’s design that fit in everywhere.

You can use device in 3 basic modes:

  • Stand-alone mode
  • DMX SD card mode
  • DMX pixel mode

In stand-alone mode you can play any animation file from micro SD card created previously in LED Strip Studio software. You can even use buttons to select one of the 255 files stored on SD card.

When using DMX, you can use the device in SD card mode or pixel mode. In SD card mode you trigger animations stored on micro-SD card created by LED Strip Studio software. In DMX pixel mode you can directly control up to 170 individual RGB LEDs directly from one DMX universe (every LED will use 3 DMX channels, thus you can use up to 512/3=170 LEDs).

Compact LED controller

We designed this compact LED controller in order to have an easy and quick option for mounting. Standard DIN profiles can be found all around the world. Stage technicians use it, electricians like it. It is cheap and you can use it everywhere. The size allows you to use this controller in small places and hide it from the preying eyes. Buttons on top side allows you to switch effects stored on SD card manually in case you have good access.

Each of the three status LEDs can give you a quick info about the current state of the device.

Table showing what each of three LED indicate in different states. RED Flashing - picture is being send to device; ORANGE - diod turns on in case DMX signal source is detected, flashing in case the device is receiving images through DMX protocol
Status LEDs



Standard card shipped with the controller has 16GB of space available. This is plenty of space for multiple effects. The moment you insert the card into controller, given you have correct settings file and have strip connected, it plays the effects instantly.

Power supply

As always, we recommend to double check what power source you need for your LED strip. The voltage is always indicated on the strip, so check before you plug it in. Shipped with the compact LED controller is also a power supply that you can use with the strip you bought. With correct power supply for the controller, you can power almost all digital strips available   with voltage range 5-24V.

Digital strip

Supported are both RGB and RGBW strips. The maximum LED count in case of RGB strip is 1024 and 768 for RGBW strip. Most common PINs that you can find on your strip includes – DIN, Data, Clock, +VCC.

Detailed picture of digital LED strip with PINs
Detail of digital strip with PINs


Device Settings

Each of three operation modes of SPI LED Controller require an SD-Card inserted in your controller. You have to save settings file to the SD card, so the device knows, what to do. The file can be generated using our LED Strip Studio software in just a few clicks.

Further reading

For more details you can download complete user’s manual for SPI LED Controller here:

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