Cash Cab TV Show

We already have some experience turning car into an LED screen. But it’s a different level, when the digital LEDs are used close to camera as a scene background in driving car.

Cash CAB is a popular worldwide quiz TV show. You sit in the taxi, answer some questions and hopefully get some money. If you answer correctly. But if the taxi would be just ordinary car inside, it would not be so interesting. That’s why the producer of the Slovak version of this TV show called us – to turn the ceiling of the car into an LED screen.

The hardest part of the installation was the car itself – the supplier wanted to use the car, once the show it’s over (which they did already, when writing this blog post). That’s why we could not scratch or damage anything. We removed the standard ceiling of the car and attached special board for LED strips. We’ve used about 100m of digital LED strips, 42 LEDs/m to cover the roof with the LED pixels. And to hide the individual LED pixels – we’ve used the projection canvas as a diffusor.

Technicians inside the car are finishing with installation of LED ceiling inside a car.
Finishing with LED ceiling, attaching last strips and powering the whole thing up!

Power source separated from the car

What’s always problem in the car is the power and battery. Since we’ve used about 100m of LED strips, you need about 120Ah battery. That’s why we’ve installed a big battery from big car inside. And it was a good choice, since using this one they were able to run all the day without charging.

Of course, to control the LED pixels we’ve used our LED Ethernet Controller 3. It just looks great inside, don’t you think 🙂 ?

Three men sitting in the car with LED ceiling above them.
Test drive with finished ceiling.

How to change between effects effectively?

Since there are correct and incorrect answers in the show, the director wanted also the roof to react to correct/incorrect answers. In the past we would solve this using some DMX cables and some small DMX controller. But we found better solution – small wireless numeric keyboard. We’ve also updated the software LED Strip Studio to be able to receive commands from keyboard and the driver was able to switch between the scenes using keys. Easy, practical – and cheap to produce.

Technician inside a car with LED ceiling above him with numerical keyboard in his hand for switching effects.
External numerical keyboard was used to switch between effects.

Anyway, the show was a great success. And we hope it’s also thanks to nice visuals in the background. We already did second installation for the second season of the show – larger car, more strips, more fun :)…

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