Bowling lane – interactive LED lighting

We love bowling. It’s time for fun and it’s just better, if the environment gets you out of your ordinary life for a moment. And lighting can help you with that.

The goal of our simple installation was to use addressable pixel LED strips WS2811 to light up the bowling line. That’s quite easy, but we also wanted to start animated light scene once the bowling ball enters the lane

improvised bowling lane
Our improvised bowling lane

We’ve used new Reactivo controller to control the digital LED strips along the lane. New version of the firmware supports triggers on external sensors. It allows you to perform different kind of actions once the external trigger is hit.

External Trigger Types

You can use all kind of external triggers with Reactivo:

  • Motion sensor – to detect movement, e.g. using your hand or whole body
  • Button – just to e.g. start the animation using button
  • Light sensor – start shining animation once there is dark
  • Laser sensor – to detect the movement or to detect some object entering some area
  • External web sensors like weather condition, event on Facebook (new like), …
  • And many more..

We’ve used laser sensor, because it’s precise and because – we’re also laser show company :). It works 100%. Once the ball hits the bowling lane, the laser beam is immediately interrupted and triggers the selected animation from Reactivo’s SD card.

Trigger Actions

Once the trigger is hit (e.g. by pressing button or by interrupting the laser beam) you can use different kind of actions in Reactivo. For example:

  • Play the animation
  • Change the brightness
  • Switch to next animation
  • Change animation speed
  • and many more …

Obviously we’ve used play animation action once the ball hits the bowling lane. It just starts playing one selected animation from Reactivo’s SD card.

But it’s so simple

Yes, we hate complicated things. Basically all you need is some kind of sensor connected to Reactivo and you can easily create different actions once the sensor is triggered. The options are endless – play animation when button is pressed, change brightness when light sensor detects dark, change speed when starts snowing… a lot of funny, but sexy options 🙂 … All you need is Reactivo.

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