Basic shapes in new LED Strip Studio 3.3.9

New LED Strip Studio software version brings a lot of bug fixes, but also one new long-requested feature – you can finally draw basic type of shapes in the mapping editor. You can now draw circle, rectangle and multiple vertical or horizontal lines.

Nice feature about all the shapes – you can immediately see the new shape while drawing in your workspace preview and also on your LED hardware output (both Art-Net or LED Ethernet Controller).

Another benefit – all the shapes can be add to existing or new LED strip outputs. This allows you to handle complicated LED mappings, where you connect LED-signal from one shape to another one.


Allows you to create circle or ellipse. After you finish drawing the circle, the software asks you for the number of LED pixels to be used for this circle.

Set the number of points per circle once you finish drawing

The number of pixels is defined for the whole circle – not just one segment of the four control segments. Anyway, you can change the number of points of the circle later using the Move Points tool and Curve LEDs setting.

You can set the number of LEDs later in the
LED Strip Settings


This allows you to add rectangle to your workspace. Rectangle is made of 4 independent line segments. You can set different number of LEDs for vertical and horizontal lines.

Rectangle with individual setting for vertical and horizontal number of points

When checking Move End Segment Points, the software will calculate the end position of each line to be shifted a bit – to avoid overlapping the corner points with previous segment.

Horizontal and Vertical lines

Horizontal and vertical line tool is perfect to create mapping for panels made of digital LED strips or pixels. You can use two or more LED segments in the panel and you can also set number of LEDs in every segment.

Vertical and Horizontal lines – very practical for LED pixel panels

You can also set Zig-Zag to checked to switch the direction of every even segment (typical signal connection for LED strip segments).

Some more news?

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs in the LED Strip Studio. Here is the complete list of the news:

  • Added basic shape creation in mapping.
  • Software Settings window now displays correctly when used different Windows text scale.
  • Color dialog is now displayed within visible user area.
  • Art-Net mapping is cleared when new workspace is clicked (removes all the Art-Net settings).
  • Software doesn’t crash now, when using empty LED strips in workspace.
  • Pure-black magic mode now works again without crash.
  • You can now attach some control window to the document pane (maybe not so practical, but possible).
  • There was an occasional crash when exporting files to LN2 file.

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