How many Art-Net universes I need?

People ask us a lot, how many Art-Net universes they need for their installation. The answer is quite simple. One Art-Net universe can control up to 170 LED pixels.


We’ve made a simple calculator for you here. Just type in how many RGB LEDs you need to control, and the calculator will tell you, how many universes you’ll need.

But why 170 RGB LED diodes?

One Art-Net universe controls up to 512 channels. Channel is basically one number from 0 to 255. It means, one Art-Net universe is basically 512 numbers valuing from 0 to 255.

To control one RGB LED you need 3 color channels – Red, Green and Blue. That’s why the maximum RGB LED diodes per one universe is 512/3 = 170.

Is the Art-Net Universes calculation so easy?

Of course not. It gets complicated, once you realize, you can use also RGBW LED diodes. In this case, one RGBW LED needs to use 4 color channels. Since one Art-Net universe contains 512 channels, you can control 512/4 = 128 RGBW LED diodes per one universe. You can use this RGBW calculator.

What if I find out I need more universes?

Our LED Strip Studio software is pretty flexible. You can purchase any number of universes. And if you need more? Just purchase additional required amount and you’re good to go. You can visit our shop to check available license options.

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