Artistic pixel LED installation

It’s always great to see addressable pixel LED strips to be used in artistic installations. Mr. Boris Petrovski decided to use our SPI Matrix device to control 30m of pixel LED strips to light up the floating balloon in the shape of star.


Tailor-made remote installation?

Boris came with an idea to use pixel LED strips inside one of his creations. But he’s not a technician. That’s why we’ve offered to prepare complete installation for him. We’ve prepared all the required cables and connections according his plans. The SPI Matrix powers up the 6 rolls of 5m long addressable pixel LED strips.


Of course it’s never so easy and yes, we did some mistakes. But in the end, all was just like a “Lego” – just connect the connector number 1 to output number 1 and voila – all works.

Easy scene creation

Boris liked especially the way you can create new scenes in LED Strip Studio. It really provides all the required tools to create nice color animations using pixel LED strips. You can check the video, where you can see the animations in action.


We love art and artistic installations. And when you use pixel LED strips, it really boosts creative options. So if you think about creating artistic installation and you need some nice color effects, just contact us.

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