Art-net Recorder

This is a great tool for those that are using 3rd party software. We don’t want to limit you. As part of LED Strip Studio software you also get a free tool called “Art-net Recorder”. And it does exactly what the name suggests – records incoming Art-Net signal.

What software can you use?

In the video that is a definitive quide on how to use this tool, you can see we are using MadMapper demo.

But you can really use any kind of software. Of course, as long as this supports, or better put it sends Art-net data. There is no need to use this with our own software since you can export and upload the effects directly. 

What device I can use with Art-net recorder?

This recorder will work with both SPI Matrix and LEC3 controllers. After you are finished with recording, you have to disconnet your software from the device since both will try to display the effects on your LED strip. 

After editing the effect, it will be saved and you can export it. After that, you can easily upload it to your device via Web Configuraton tool. 

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