New 16 bit analog LED dimmer

Front view of new version of Mr.Dimmer - 16bit analog LED dimmer. Standard 5 pin connector block are now used so that you can also work with RGBW strips. Wi-fi module is turned ON/OF with the switch on the front panel. Also available DIP switch that serves to change the 8/16bit precision, set up DMX addresses and turns on test mode.

More channels, more color precision, overall better device. This is the new 16 bit analog LED dimmer – Mr.Dimmer V1.1!

Most outstanding new feature is the new 16bit color precision. That is 255 vs 65.535 steps! Say hello to silky smooth transitions and fades. For various reasons, you might need an option to switch between the 8bit and 16bit. Just turn ON/OFF corresponding switch on DIP switch and you are good to go.

We decided to implement few key features into this device. Previous version was ready for Wi-fi module, however it was not implemented as a standard. Now you have the module in default in every single device. Super reliable Lumen modules are now also available for those of you who are better safe then sorry.

New version has 16 available channels. You can now use RGBW strips. With 16 channels, you can also connect one more strip in RGB mode.

Diagram showing typical connection of 4 to 5 RGB strips within one Mr.Dimmer device. A standard 5pin connector is used for both RGB (3channels) and RGBW (4channelsň strips. A optional 5th strip can be connected as shown on the diagram.

The most that you can get from a single device is 52 meters of 30LED/m analog strip. That itself is staggering number!

Since we are working a lot on different TV production projects, the absolute must is a flicker free performance.

Since you have many different power sources, you can ask for a power supply specific to your needs or project. Visit our e-shop or product page for more details.

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