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User friendly LED control software

Addressable LED pixel mapping software for your LED installations: TV studio, facade lighting, smart home or creative artistic projects.

Pixel LED mapping software

Not just another disco product

Where can you use LED Strip Studio?

TV Studio Installations


Events and Exhibitions

Smart Home

Facade LED lights

tg-dolls_Black Suits Version

Dance Performances

Creative Artistic Installations

What pixel LEDs and LED strips can you use with the software?

We support almost every standard pixel LED chips (also called LED IC)


WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815, TM1803, TM1809, SK6812, LPD1886, UCS1903, UCS2903, APA102, P9883, SM16716, WS2801, UCS9812, MBI6120, LPD8806, TM1829, WS2811 RGBW, DMX RGB and RGBW, TM1914, LD1510, TM1809, PL9823, P9813, UCS8903 and we add new types almost every month.

What controllers can you use with LED Strip Studio?

The software is compatible with every standard  Art-Net to SPI decoder (Art-Net to SPI controller)

LED Ethernet Controller 3, SPI Matrix, Reactivo, but also low quality 3rd controllers on the market.

Imagine what you can do with these awesome software features

Advanced Mapping Editor

Realistic Visualization

Color Effects

Live HDMI Grabber

Timeline Editor

… and much more

Software Versions

Suitable for every lever of user

Free Demo

  • Free forever
  • Create complete LED pixel mapping
  • Create pixel LED scenes
  • Create timeline music synchronized pixel LED shows
  • Pixel LED length calculator
  • Render visualizations of projects (with LED Strip Studio watermark)


  • Annual license for any number of Art-Net Universes
  • Art-Net multicast or unicast
  • Support for 3-rd party standard Art-Net controllers (e.g. T-1000, Nebula, H802, …)
  • Export content to SD-card (used by SPI LED, SPI Matrix or LED Ethernet controller 3)
  • Render visualizations of projects (without any watermark)


  • Available for LED Ethernet Controller 3 only
  • No more Art-Net, we hate it
  • Lifetime software license included
  • Real time compression of Ethernet network LED pixel data for higher performance
  • No more stupid universe limitation of 170 RGB pixels (or 128 RGB)
  • Easy mapping without universes – just set to use e.g. 1000 RGB pixels and you’re ready
  • Separate DMX512 output for standard RGB strips
Two Michals

Do you need more help with the software?

One of our Michals will help you.