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All you need for your
addressable LED pixel  installations

LEC 3 | LED Ethernet Controller 3
Control up to 4096 RGB LEDs
Lifetime LED Strip Studio software license included

Art-Net pixel LED decoder/converter for your Madrix, MadMapper, Resolume or any other pixel LED software

SPI LED Controller
Easy to use stand-alone pixel LED controller
(with DMX)


LEC3 including power source
– perfect for rental


Rental solution for simple analog RGB or RGBW LED strips (12V or 24V)
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Addressable pixel LED Controllers

Stand-alone or Ethernet/Art-Net pixel LED controllers for your WS2811, TM1803, SK6812, MBI6024 or any other addressable digital LEDs.

What do I need for a typical LED installation?

Digital LED Strips have a built-in IC chip for each LED.
This enables them to play animations and video content.

The animation that the Digital LED strip displays
is sent from the LED Controller.

SPI Matrix LED Controller Artnet sAcn

LED Controller is a device that gives instructions to LED Strips.

It can work as a bridge between LED Software and LED Strips
or a stand-alone device with effects stored on an SD Card.

In this case we have used SPI MATRIX.

LED Mapping software defines the positions of LEDs in the installation.
That way the LEDs display the video content correctly.

LED Strip Studio 3 enables you to map complex LED installations with ease.

Of course you also need
power supply to power
LED Strips and LED controllers.


Depends on what you are working on and what are your expectations. 

If you are working on a small, standalone LED project, we recommend SPI LED CONTROLLER.
Capable to control up to 1024 LED pixels, this is a great device that you can even control remotely. 

SPI MATRIX is a choice for professionals that are familiar with Art-Net™ protocol, it’s Pros and Cons, and are looking for uncompromising, hard working piece of hardware. Great if you don’t plan to use our software.

LEC 3  is great if you want to use our software. Easy to use, fun to work with. The total number of pixels you can control is up to 4096 and thanks to our massive knowledge base, we recommend using this controller even in DIY projects.  

If possible, we would recommend to always decide for the strip that will last longer.

If it has additional protection in form of a plastic tube, it is great.

If you can use alluminium profile as another layer of protection, go for it.
Advantage of the profile is that it can also eliminate, with properly selected diffuser, the dots that are visible with almost every kind of LED strip. This way, you can achieve the effect of a continuous light source.

Analog LED strips can only glow in one color at a time.
E.g.: You choose pink color, the whole strip will glow in pink.

With Digital LED strips you can assign specific color to each individual LED.
This makes it possible to play effects or even video content.
E.g.: You turn your car into a TV. (Yes, we did that)

It doesn’t matter, but you have to take into account that the additional White channel changes the maximal addressable amount of pixels for the LED controller, thus:

1024 RGB pixels  🠆  768 RGBW pixels

2048 RGB pixels  🠆  1536 RGBW pixels

4096 RGB pixels  🠆  3072 RGB pixels

IC stands for Integrated Circuit.  Pixel LED Strips have built-in IC chips to every LED, which enables them to  control each LED individually.  

The most common IC types are WS, TM, APA. 
Our LED controllers and software support most of the IC’s. 
You can take a look at our expending list of supported IC types.

Yes you can! You can export your animations and effects on an SD-Card, and play them directly from the LED Controller. You can also use lighting consoles and controllers (e.g.  grandMA) or web user interface via smartphone. Or even use buttons on the device.

Not good. Too much voltage. Turn everything off. Or run…

(Always remember to power each device according to its tech specs. )

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User-friendly addressable LED control software


Easy to use Art-Net pixel mapping software for addressable RGB or RGBW LED diodes.
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LED Gadgets
and Accesories


Increases data range of SPI signal 



SPI signal splitter


DMX control for traditional Christmas lights

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LED Demo Kit 3

All-in-One Package for Beginners in addressable LED pixels

We bundled our best tools into one package to make it easier for everyone interested in LED technology.

Demo kit serves as a good starting point for beginners which are not familiar with our Led Strip Studio system or any another LED control system.

Our support team is always available to help you with any issue.


We value every customer and in case you won’t be satisfied with the product, we will refund you within 2 months of purchase.

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Personalized Training for your LED Projects and Installations

Are you an absolute beginner or professional lighting technician?

It doesn’t matter, this training is personalized to your needs

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Consultation, Planning & Problem Solving for your pixel LED installations

Need any help with your project?

From online tech support to turnkey solutions or even personnel deployment, our customers have unlimited support. 

Book a free 30-minutes online consultation and get started today.

Trusted worldwide and used in over 450 addressable LED pixel projects and installations

Lauri Vigelius
Wery flexible and easy to map.
Olivier irthum
Trinax PTE LTD
Awesome product that was really perfect for us. Prompt and meticulous customer/technical support before and even after sales. Our project concept was rather complex but we managed to pull it off with their always ready support! Highly recommended and truly a pleasure working with the team 👍
Przemyslaw Brzakowski
I have been using LSS for a few years on verity of projects. It is not only about product but also technical support. These guys were helpful every time. Required modifications, updates etc were ready in 7 days. I highly recommend LSS!!!
Amedeo Orfei
Excellent system overall and immediate technical support. Basically it is all we need.
Powerful LED software, although some features are not fully implemented yet (like NDI). Great customer support!
Marc Decker
LED Strip Studio are the leading party in Europe when it comes to state of the art LED controllers. With their easy to use software a must for every LED professional. Super service, good back office and always willing to think along in solutions. Unique in Europe!
Philip Lindemer
Fantastic after sales service with great availability. LED Strip Studio answered every every single one of my questions basically immediately. Great products, great staff, great company!
Peter Rieck
Great product and a great team of guys always willing to assist quick to respond and extra,ely helpful. I purchased a demo kit to get started it arrived in quality packaging with clear instructions. I then started to go threw the online manuals and tutorials which made it simple to understand and easy to use. Great product guys exactly what I need.
Jay Higginson
My first and last stop for high quality SPI controllers. Despite being on the other side of the globe I’ve never waited longer that 8 hours for a support response. Michal and his team’s support and knowledge are top quality and their products are a strong reflection of that. I’ve purchased 10 of their spi matrix controllers for multiple installs and couldn’t be happier.

Do you have any questions or need help with your LED installation?

We are here to provide you the best solution for your project.

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