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Most of our pixel controllers can be upgraded to higher pixel levels. This option allows you to split your LED installation into sections without need to install more wires or controllers. All you need is an Pixel Upgrade.
I'd like to purchase an upgrade

Move forward with every pixel level

Each of controllers SPI Matrix, LED Ethernet Controller 3 and Led Ethernet Controller Powered is available in 3 different versions. You can upgrade each of the above from one version to next very easy, in just few steps.
Select and purchase upgrade

For example, you have SPI Matrix device in 1024 pixel version. You'd like to upgrade it to 4096 pixel level. Just select right pixel level (1024 -> 4096) and purchase over PayPal.

We prepare upgrade for you

We will prepare a specific device upgrade for your LED controller according to it's ``serial number``. In case you ordered several upgrades, please, send us a list of serial numbers. If you don't do this, our team will contact you within 16 hours from purchase.

Upgrade your LED controller

Upgrade your pixel controller over web configuration. It's done automatically in few clicks.

Be a step ahead with LED Strip Studio controllers

More pixel = better deal

Most customers starts easy, with a small budget. They usually choose some Lite version of one of our controllers. Upgrade when you are ready for it.
Often, clients change their mind and want to add extra pixels. You can do it without adding more wires and cables, you can just upgrade the pixel version of your device.
Time to upgrade
  • Lite SPI Matrix
    • EUR 0.291 per LED
      • 1024 RGB pixels
      • Shipping Fees

  • Standard SPI Matrix
    • EUR 0.219 per LED
      • 2048 RGB pixels
      • NO Shipping Fees

  • PRO SPI Matrix
    • EUR 0.144 per LED
      • 4096RGB pixels
      • NO Shipping Fees

Pixel cost is lower with every next pixel level.
Plus, you save money for shipping.