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LED Strip Studio


Essential skills and techniques. LED effects, shows. From basics to advanced settings and features. Pick the one you need and improve your LED project.

One-On-One Online training —> Software features as Mapping, Art-net output, Effects, Advanced features and much more.

Getting Started Series

LSS Demo kit Starter tutorial

All you need to know about the baby steps with LSS Demo Kit. How to connect strips, what to do with the power source, usefull tips and tricks. We recommend this tutorial to every beginner.

Create Color Effects

The color effect is kind of an advanced LED animation, which allows you easily create abstract effects on your LEDs in a few seconds.

Create very first LED Show

Take your favorite song, create effects and synchronize it all with music on timeline. Learn how to create, edit and play show in LSS software.

Main Settings, Strips, and Vector LED Mapping

Set up background image of your Project

Real photo of your project means less time with adjusting your strips to correct position and more realistic visualization for your client. Learn how to set up custom background.

LED mapping like a PRO

Draw, bend, multiply, copy, invert, rotate and map your strips on a background image representing your real project. Learn how to add LEDs effortlessly without complication in short time.

Rectangular LED Screen

LED screen can consist of hundreds of LED strips. Mapping would be time consuming. Learn about quick way how to create rectangular screen.

Controller mapping

You build your project, now is time to put your vision to reality. Learn how to work with LED controllers, how to set-up outputs and map installation on site.

Create and Edit LED Effects and LED animation

Create multi-gradient effects

Multiple gradients on a single screen can result in some fascinating images.Learn how to create beautiful effects in short time with no effort.

Create an advanced Color Effect

Video/Digital/Pixel LED strips allows you to free your imagination and stun your client with special effects. Learn how to create advanced effects for demanding clients.

Create effect from JPG or PNG image file

Your client wants to show during a show a picture that is spcific to his project or company. Learn how to use image as effect on your LED screen.

Animation library

All sorts of different projects require different animations. One time, you use digital strip, another analog. Learn how to easily use library of your favorite animations in your projects.

Create Multi scene from existing effects

Some projects are a mix of  different technology. Learn how to combine Analog and Digital Effects into one scene without the need of using multiple controllers.

Import & Export Animation library

With LED Strip Studio software, you are not limited to one device. Learn how to easily transfer your Animation library to another computers and projects.

Text Effect

Would you like to write a message on your LED screen? With text effect feature, you can write and animate text easily. Check out this video!

Screen grabber

This tool allows you to capture the portion of your desktop and display it on your LED screen.

Advanced search in Animation library

In time, you will have hundreds, if not thousandss of effect in your library. Learn how to use advanced search feature to not waste time looking for right effect.

Create and Edit LED Shows

LED synchronization by music

Learn how to choose and work with synchronization option – Midi Time Code (MTC), simple clock or your song.

Creating your first LED show

Choose a right song, create effects/animations and synchronize it all with music on a timeline. Learn how to create, edit and play a show in LED Strip Studio software.

Additional Features

Import & Export Bank and Scene

Learn how to easily use your prepared Banks and Scenes in another computers and projects. This tutorial video will be also very helpful in case that you like to export LED animations, effects or LED shows on SD-Card (for stand-alone mode or DMX trigger mode).