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LED Strip Studio Control System

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We bring to you complete Ethernet solution to control many digital RGB LED pixels with a small number of LED controllers. Most of you are probably using now DMX or ArtNet controllers. It’s a good solution in case you don’t need to control many digital LED pixels. ArtNet might be a solution, but have you tried it to control more than 50 000 LEDs? Lot of cables, lot or problems…

LED Strip Studio control system is designed for:

  • Huge LED installations (50000 and even more individual RGB LED pixels),
  • Complex LED solution,
  • Expandable LED installation and
  • for all of you, who’re looking for reliable LED control system.

How does the control system works?

LED Strip Studio control system scheme

You can see the standard connection scheme of our system on the picture above.

The key parts of our LED system:

  • LED Ethernet Controller 3 or Powered allows you to control up to 4096 LEDs (4 individual SPI outputs, 1024 LED pixels each),
  • LED Strips studio software allows you live control of the LED installation, create amazing LED effects and music-synchronized shows or even play HD videos or live HDMI stream,
  • All standard digital LED chips are supported (WS, TM, APA, …),
  • n case you need to control more than 4096 LEDs, you can use multiple LED controllers,
  • Ethernet wires, power supplies and other required material depends on LED installation specifications.

What is the main idea of the system?

To do LED installations easier, faster and generally a lot more professional.

Why is our LED control system not working over DMX protocol? Because you have only 512 channels available in one universe. Every additional universe you’ll want to use means more cables, more DMX controllers and possible problems.

Why should you start to think about the LSS system as the right solution for your installations?

How can you try it?

Just contact us and let us know your project requirements. We can provide you with complete technical support for your digital LED pixel installations.

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