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of Digital LED Controllers

We know that to find all the differences between our pixel controllers can be a little bit tricky, and that's why we bring this advanced comparison for you.

PixelsLED Ethernet Controller 3SPI LED ControllerSPI Matrix
Pro - 4096 RGB / 3072 RGBW (24 Art-net Universes)
Standard - 2048 RGB / 2048 RGBW (12 Art-net Universes)
Lite - 1024 RGB / 1024 RGBW (6 Art-net Universes)
Control 1024 RGB / 1024 RGBW
1 SPI output
4 SPI output
LSS software/Art-net control
LSS Software license
LSS Software license except live control
3rd party Art-Net software control
3rd party Art-Net consoles/controllers
Art-Net media server
Transform 1 Art-net universe to DMX 512
LSS software with a demo watermark
DMX control
DMX Daisy-chain
DMX trigger mode
DMX pixel mode (multiple LEDs as on pixel - optional)
DMX IN - XLR 3 pin
DMX OUT - XLR 3 pin
Other features
Build-in Ethernet switch
Ethernet Daisy-chain (Art-net)
DIP switch
Symmetry mode
Power 5 - 24 V DC
WEB Configuration
Mounting system

LED Ethernet Controller Powered has the same attributes as LED Ethernet Controller 3 + it has a build-in power supply.

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