We're able to make complete LED strip installation for you, no matter if it's disco, bar, apartment, or entire building. We're also able to provide you with complete calculation in advance, so you can decide if it's worth it.

For a better idea how the installation will look like, we can prepare visualization for you. These are some examples of possibilities:



LED Strips

If you do installations and you just need to buy good quality LED strips with high light intensity, you can contact us. Our LED strips are used in TV studios, so they have to meet high quality requirements. These are the most common LED strips we use and have always on stock:

Analog RGB LED Strip

It's good for illumination of buildings, TV studios or disco bars. You can change strip color using remote or DMX LED strip controllers. We usually use analog LED strips with 5060 LED diodes and 60 LEDs per meter (1,6 cm LED distance).

Digital RGB LED Strip

Digital LED strips can be also used to illuminate buildings or interiors. But they can change every LED color separately, so they provide a lot of more advanced options. We use them to produce any-shape LED screens.

We use 30 LEDs/m and 42 LEDs/m versions. All use 5060 diodes with high lightning intensity.



Software LED Strip Studio 2.0 is developed specially for controlling LED strips. It allows you to control digital LED strips and create different amazing color effects. It can be also used to display pictures, texts or even videos on any-shape LED screens.

It also allows you to prepare complete visualizations of the final projects for the customers. Software is working on Windows XP, Vista or 7 and here you can see a small example of how it can be used to create any-shape LED screen: 

LED Strip Studio Software





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