Using LED Strips

You can use LED strips to illuminate interiors, exteriors, TV studios, but also to replace common lightning effects at disco clubs. You can also construct any-shape LED screens.



Most common usage of LED strips is to illuminate interiors. Thanks to long life, durability, low power consumption and beautiful light scenes LED strips can replace almost any common light. 



Do you want the people to actually see your building in the night? There's no better way than using LED strips. 


TV Studios

TV studios usually use neon lights. But this can be replaced with LED strips. It's usually cheaper, but the final lightning effect is amazing. 


Intelligent Lightning

Thanks to our LED Strip Studio software it's very easy to create amazing moving light scenes using digital LED strips. 

LED Strip Lightning


LED Screens

LED screens are the most complicated LED strip application. You can construct any-shape LED screens using digital LED strips and our LED Strip Studio system. Our special software application allows you to map any picture, text or even video on your LED screen.




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