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LED Curtains


Multiple animations Digital LED Curtain with default control options such as DMX, micro SD-Card with preloaded effects, Art-Net and LED Strip Studio software are powerful tools for your stage and rental installations.

Ask for custom dimensions

Default pixel density

11 SPI RGB LEDs/m2

Pixel type

WS2811 10mm 8 bit

Default size/resolution

3 x 6 m (different sizes on request), semirandom pixel resolution 10 x 20 pixels

LED Curtain fabric

Black flame retardant molton/duvetyne fabric, 300-320 g/m2, DIN 4102 B1 + franz. M1 / EN 13501

Total weight (control hardware and pixels incl.)

15 kilograms

Control & Connectors

Available control options

Art-Net, DMX, Stand-alone, LED Strip Studio

Ethernet connection

2x RJ-45 (with a built-in Ethernet switch, allows daisy-chain)

DMX connection

2 x XLR 3-pin Neutrik


Neutrik PowerCon in/out allows daisy-chain

Control options

There are several ways how to control Digital LED Curtain system –  You can use media servers or computer with a Black Magic grabber card for live streaming. Of course, there are standard options such as a lighting console, Art-Net, DMX protocol, Stand-alone mode, LED Strip Studio software and many others.

Typical usage scheme

square 3D visualization of LED curtain
control scheme of led curtains over art-net, dmx, led strip studio
led cusrtain standart connection scheme
digital curtain connection

Art-Net Daisy-chain


Typical connection and usage of Digital Curtain provides daisy-chain options for Art-Net and LED Strip Studio over Ethernet cable, therefore you can freely extend and add LED Curtains based on your needs.


DMX Daisy-chain


DMX Daisy-chain and thru DMX signal are standard for LED Curtain controllers.


Power Daisy-chain


A power daisy-chain option is supported by Digital LED curtain controllers.

led curtains scheme
rgb curtain scheme
L connection scheme

Power Source


Built-in controller

Digital Controller is built-in between the front and the back side of the LED Curtain. 

led curtain controller ethernet dmx in out powerCon in out DIP switch

Power-CON in/out

Simply connect several LED Curtains together in one power chain, which can be a handful ability on your stage installation.


NEUTRIK power-CON in/out adapters are very reliable.

2 x RJ-45

RJ-45 Connectors with a built-in Ethernet switch allows you daisy-chain multiple LED Curtain together or even another Art-Net and LED Strip Studio controllers.

Status LEDs

Three LEDs which show device status:
Green – power is on
Yellow – DMX or ArtNet is present (fast blink for DMX, slow blink for ArtNet)
Red – if on, LSS software is connected to the device over Ethernet

Control buttons

Allows you to select a file to play in auto play mode and also to run test patterns (in case the SD card is not inserted).


Push & hold both buttons for a device reset.

DIP switch

A DIP switch allows you to set IP and DMX address. Auto-Play mode can be used to set the first animation to play after starting.

SD-card slot

FAT32 micro SD-card for storing LED videos/animations. You can trigger them using DMX, Art-Net or use them in auto-play/stand-alone mode.

DMX in/out

You can use DMX In to control LED Curtains or even LED Strip Studio software.


DMX Out can work in thru or output mode (it’s a bit more advanced comparing to standard DMX).

velcro and black eyelets

Velcro system


Each LED Curtain is using an easy velcro attach system (5 centimeters on each side of the curtain). Loops are on the front side and hooks on the back side of the LED Curtain.


You can find black eyelets on one 6-meters-long side for the easy mounting/hanging of the LED curtain.

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