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Preview window watermark

Quite often we receive questions about the watermark in the preview window of LED Strip Studio software. Here is a quick recap why β€œdemo” watermark and what you can do to get full access to LED Strip Studio software, watermark-free.


Watermark is protection against unauthorized use of LSS software. In other words, in case that someone hacks our software activation or if someone uses it to create visualizations for clients, but don’t use it with our hardware.

How can I remove the β€œdemo” watermark?

You have two options. Firstly, our LED controllers serves as hardwer key that will unlock the software and remove the watermark:


Second option is to buy ArtNet universe license directly from the software. For example, you need only one universe to start creating visualizations for clients. Check out the price list here.

Buy Software license

I like to buy pixel controllers with LED Strip Studio software license.

Does the watermark impact on LED output?

Watermark does not affect LED output signal. In other words, you can use software to create effects and export to your SD-Card. In case you are using, for example, SPI LED Controller, the watermark does not appear on the LEDs after you trigger the animation from SD-Card.

You can freely create and export animations/shows on SD-Cards for all our pixel controllers below:


Afterwards, you can trigger effects stored on SD-Card by DMX, Art-Net or buttons through our pixel LED controllers. In case you are the owner of our controller, you may check this section for LSS software activation.